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Community Guidance Center Certified in Internationally Recognized Trauma-Informed Care Model

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Community Guidance Center is excited to announce it has been certified in the internationally recognized Sanctuary Model® for trauma-informed care. This landmark achievement makes the local mental and behavioral health treatment center one of only 35 sites in Pennsylvania that are certified in this evidence-based treatment and culture model. This treatment model is beneficial for people of all ages including small children and older adults.

Mental and physical trauma have direct and significant impacts on everyone’s mental and behavioral health. The most important aspect of trauma-informed care is that it recognizes outside factors influence our everyday health. This approach helps mental and behavioral health providers treat symptoms and disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse and other conditions more effectively.

As a Sanctuary-certified site, Community Guidance Center is able to help all members of our communities recover from trauma through various treatment procedures and approaches that embrace and utilize trauma-informed care. The organization has licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and other clinicians available and has offices in Indiana, Northern Cambria, DuBois, Punxsutawney, Clearfield and Clarion.

Visit for more information about services at Community Guidance Center and the Sanctuary Model®. Call 1-888-686-1991 to make a referral, schedule an appointment, or to inquire about services.

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