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Our devoted staff work hard to provide high-quality mental and behavioral health services and treatment.  Services vary by location. 
Call 888.686.1991 to make a referral or schedule an appointment.

Base Service Unit

Indiana County program providing psychosocial evaluations and service management coordination within Indiana County provider network. 

Services for Everyone


Initial psychosocial evaluation for appropriate service management and resource coordination for mental/behavioral health and drug and alcohol within Community Guidance Center.

Outpatient Programs

Trauma-informed psychotherapy for children, adults, couples, families and groups emphasizing coping skills, emotion and behavior management, and recovery from mental illness.

Psychiatric Services

Comprehensive psychiatric and medical services that include psychiatric evaluation, treatment and medication management.  Our medical staff work to ensure medications are accessible through local pharmacies.

Case Management/Resource Coordination

Assists adults/children diagnosed with Mental Illness and their families by helping them access resources, identify personal goals and live their lives effectively and independently in their community.

Drug and Alcohol Use Disorder Programs

Provides support for individuals working towards recovery from drug and/or alcohol use disorders through trauma-informed psychotherapy and positive reinforcement. 

FYE 2022-2023 D&A Report

Gambling Cessation

Outpatient trauma-informed gambling cessation counseling for at-risk adults and adolescents with a gambling disorder.

Developmental Disabilities

Services and support for individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families and caregivers to meet basic needs and improve independence. 

Jacksonville Family Medicine Center

Primary Health Network

Through a grant program endowed by SAMHSA, Community Guidance Center provides mental health services to patients established at Primary Health Network’s
Jacksonville Family Medicine Center.
You can receive mental health services through this program if you are 18 or older and have received a referral from your primary care provider at Jacksonville Family Medicine Center. A licensed mental health professional from Community Guidance Center will see
you at the Jacksonville Family Medicine Center office, or telehealth appointments are available upon request.

Services for Kids

Child and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization (ALPHA)

Comprehensive treatment program for students in grades K-12 combined with academic instruction by a certified teacher.  Provides therapy and psychiatric medication services.

Early Intervention

Assists children from birth to 3 years of age who have or are at risk for developmental delays.  Staff work with the child and their family to coordinate resources, services and support systems. 

Family Based Therapies

Comprehensive in-home services and resource coordination for kids with emotional or behavioral conditions and their family.  Focuses on physical, mental, social and academic development.

Student Assistance Program (SAP and eSAP)

School-based program available to Indiana County elementary and Jr/Sr high school students that links appropriate mental health programs and community resources with students in need.

School-Based Outpatient/School Based Drug & Alcohol Use Disorder Outpatient Programs

Provides traditional outpatient therapy and/or drug and alcohol use disorder counseling for children and adolescents in their school environment.

Services for Adults


Indiana County-funded program supporting Indiana County residents hospitalized in State Hospitals.  Focuses on reintegration back into the community.

Adult Partial Hospitalization

Intensive trauma-informed psychotherapy for individuals, groups and families. Acute and sub-acute treatment programs emphasize recovery through medication and illness management for those with a high risk of hospitalization.

Mobile Psychiatric Medication Management

Mobile Psychiatric Medication Management is available to individuals diagnosed with a serious mental illness that causes difficulties in organizing, refilling, or administering medications. Participants must be 18+ years of age and a resident of Indiana County. Mobile medication management provides education and support to facilitate medication adherence and overall well-being.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Voluntary, non-clinical program that helps restore community functionality for individuals with mental illness by promoting recovery, community integration and an improved quality of life.

FYE 2022-2023 PRS QI Report

Law Enforcement Liaison

Linking individuals involved with the criminal justice system to necessary and appropriate mental health treatments and community resources.

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