Community Guidance Center began the journey toward Sanctuary Institute certification in 2014.  The Sanctuary Model® is a  "...theory-based, trauma-informed, trauma-responsive, evidence-supported, whole culture approach that has a clear and structured methodology for creating or changing an organizational culture."  We are proud to announce we achieved Sanctuary certification in 2019!  As one of the few Sanctuary-certified mental and behavioral health providers in our region, we look forward to continuing to provide a welcoming, caring, safe, positive and enriching environment for our consumers, our family of employees and the communities we serve.


Click the link and images below to visit Pinterest for self-care ideas and download CGC Sanctuary tools!

CGC Sanctuary Safety Plan

Fill the spaces with safe, calming activities that help you deal with stress.

Safety Plan Magnet_3x4.jpg

CGC Sanctuary Reference Guide

Use this guide for information about the Sanctuary commitments and more!

CGC Sanctuary Reference Guide_Page_1.png

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