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Employee Spotlight

A BIG CGC Shout Out!

As we wind down National Health Center Week, we'd like to dedicate today to our employees. At the heart of community health and the Community Guidance Center is a dynamic group of individuals dedicated to empowering and improving the lives of those we serve.

We are so thankful for our knowledgeable and hard-working staff. And what a perfect time to give a special shout-out to Amanda Stadmiller and Holly Knoll. These CGC Psych Rehab professionals recently earned the designation of Certified Psych Rehab Practitioners (CPRP). Way to go, Amanda and Holly! We are proud of you!

As our new CPRP in Punxsutawney, Amanda, has been working at the Community Guidance Center for three years, two in Psych Rehab, after moving from our psychiatric services department. She loves her job! She is enrolled in an online university to further her career in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation field.

Holly, our new CPRP in Clearfield, is working towards a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She chose this field to assist others in learning how to advocate for themselves and reach their full potential. Holly has been in the mental health field for over ten years and almost three years at Community Guidance Center, working in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Over the previous two years, she has worked to grow our market share in Clearfield and has a personal goal of continuing to grow our brand even more. As a part of that strategic plan, she wants to continue building programs to benefit the community.

Holly is the 2021 recipient of the PAPRS Distinguished Advocate Award for her work with Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

It takes the entire team to be successful. We are fortunate. Thanks for being a big part of the "Chemistry for Strong Communities."


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